AFTS had such great confidence in this product that we teamed up with the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design (CPULD) at Virginia Tech to evaluate the effectiveness.

The CPULD is the leading testing facility in the industry. It constructed a test that would determine how a trailer with the AFTS would stack up against one without.

We loaded both trailers with the same amount of pallets and Virginia Tech introduced them with three different types of mold spores. The test ran for 28 days and the results were amazing!

The pallets in the ventilated trailer had 0-5% visually observed mold which is considered mold free in any application. The trailer without the AFTS experienced 20-40% visual mold to its interior surfaces and contents.

The AFTS also reduced the moisture content of the pallets from 28-34% to 12-17%, which greatly reduces the weight of the pallet during shipping.With a rapid air circulation rate, the AFTS moves fresh air through the whole trailer in just over 30 seconds.

Be assured that the AFTS works and will help prevent costly problems due to mold and other fungal growth.The developer of the AFTS has been actively using this system to combat mold growth on pallets for the last 18 months and we have never had mold problems since we started using AFTS for pallet shipments.