The Air Flow Trailer System (AFTS) is a revolutionary, one of a kind design to help control humidity and moisture levels while protecting your wooden pallets and commercial products from mold and other fungal growth. Stop mold before it starts with this unique system that can easily be added to any trailer.

AFTS has created a design for trailers with a combination of strategically placed fans and vents to create the maximum amount of air flow through a trailer to eliminate the chances of moisture build up which can cause mold issues. Our system has been tested and verified by the Sardo pallet lab at Virginia Tech.

  • Controls humidity and moisture levels in trailer and cargo containers.
  • Protects your product from mold and other fungal growth.
  • Is ideal for shipping wooden pallets and packaging to food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Reduces the weight of the pallets during transit.
  • Prevents moldy pallets from becoming a problem ever again.